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Supplies and equipment

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The following steps help determine what supplies and equipment will be needed:

  • Make a list of everything you will do during data collection
    • Interview adult
    • Measure weight and height/length of children
    • Collect biological specimens from children and adults
    • Etc.
  • Determine specifically what supplies and equipment needed for each activity
  • Decide how many of each item each team needs.
    • For some equipment, each team only needs one. This may include height board, scale, HemoCue machine to measure haemoglobin
    • For other items, each team needs at least one per survey subject. This may include data collection forms and disposable fingerstick equipment, such as lancets
  • Remember to plan for the logistic needs of your survey teams, such as fuel, personal care items, etc.

This may sound really simple, but you would be amazed at how many teams have been sent to the field without pencil sharpeners or enough cash or some other mundane article without which they cannot do their jobs.


What equipment and supplies do you need to measure the height of young children?

Supplies and equipment you might need to measure the height of young children in a survey might include:

  • a height board (one per team)
  • data collection forms (one per child)
  • pencils (a few per team)
  • erasers (a few per team)
  • a list of clusters to be visited by that team (one per team)
  • a map of the area to allow the team to find selected clusters
  • petty cash to pay for necessities in the field
  • personal items for each team member
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