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Valid questions to answer


Which of these questions do you think are program questions which could be addressed by a survey?

Please select an answerYes, this is measuring the program coverage of an iron supplementation programNo, this is a question of causality, that is, does anaemia cause lower intellectual functioning. This is certainly an important and interesting question, but its answer requires a different type of data collection.Maybe, but this is a really question of causality, that is, has a fortification program raised serum vitamin A levels. We know that this is not something surveys do well. On the other hand, if there is no other logical explanation for the rise, perhaps the fortification program is responsible. Program impact evaluation often uses baseline and follow-up surveys to measure changes presumably due to the program. No, this question is of little program significance. It is hard to imagine what program implementation or revision would be based on the answer to this question. You should avoid carrying out surveys to answer questions which are only of interest but without practical use.
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