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Reasons to do a survey

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Surveys can be time-consuming and expensive activities. As a result, surveys should be done to answer program-oriented questions:

  • Include only information useful to design or revise interventions
  • Do not include information which is just "of interest" or already proven or obvious

Answers to such program-oriented questions may be necessary to:

  • Determine need for new program
  • Help design new program
  • Evaluate existing program

Surveys may also be done to gather data to use to advocate for additional resources in order to meet the needs of a neglected emergency-affected population.

The survey done in Badghis Province, Afghanistan was the first assessment done in a relatively neglected province.


Why do you think the Badghis survey was done?

The Badghis survey was done to determine if the population needed additional health or nutrition services and to help with the design of new programmes by determining which services might be needed. It was also done as a baseline. This baseline would be compared to the results of a follow-up survey to measure change. This could be useful in evaluating any future programmes.

Therefore, all three program questions above were important in Badghis Province.

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