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Micronutrients - Biochemical indicators

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Other indicators of micronutrient status are biochemical. Often, the level of the micronutrient itself or some other chemical indicator can be measured in a body fluid. This requires obtaining a specimen from people and then performing a laboratory test of some sort. This may be much more expensive than just examining individuals in the population. On the other hand, biochemical assessment may be much more accurate and precise. Many micronutrient deficiencies do not produce signs or symptoms until they are quite severe. As a result, mild micronutrient deficiencies can only be diagnosed using biochemical indicators. The table below shows some biochemical methods of assessment.

Biochemical indicator Micronutrient deficiency
Haemoglobin estimation by colour testing of blood Iron deficiency anaemia
Haemoglobin measurement by haemoglobinometer Vitamin A deficiency
Serum vitamin A level Vitamin A deficiency
Urinary iodine level Iodine deficiency