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Navigation and uses of the website

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There are three ways to navigate around this website:

  1. Each page has forward and backward arrows at the upper right and lower right corners to go to the next page or previous page. Use these arrows to move from one web page to the page before or after.
  1. A table of contents is shown on the left side of each page. It lists the major topic followed by a dash and the specific topic; for example, "Surveys - Introduction." Clicking on this entry will produce a list of subtopics under that major and specific topic. For example, clicking on "Surveys - Introduction" will give you a list of subtopics under this specific topic. You can use this to navigate to a specific subtopic or web page.
  1. The Outline lists all levels of organization in a hierarchical fashion so that the user can get the big picture to facilitate selection of the desired web page. In addition, almost every page on the website has the link "(go to Outline)" in the upper right, just under the page title, to return to the outline from anywhere in the website.

We hope that these different navigation tools will allow users to either proceed in a linear fashion through topics of interest or identify specific topics to read about.

The documents available directly on this website are in PDF format. You will need an appropriate computer programme to read these. If you do not have a PDF reader loaded onto your computer, you may wish to use the links below to load one before continuing.

Click here to download Foxit Reader or here to download Adobe Reader. They are both free.

The website also contains links to other websites. Of course, to take advantage of these links you will need an internet connection.